When we look for better mobile deals, coverage and service, we find out that doing business with the carriers is cumbersome and time consuming,
resulting in expensive, frustrating and unfair plans. Most of us don’t shop for plans because of the hassle.



SmartPhone Owners

If you care about broadband speed, coverage, service, price and want to use your phone abroad like you do at home, then Cell Buddy is the right solution for you.

Mobile Carriers

  • Build your own profile of plans, offer and prompt your services.
  • Sell and activate plans at no cost without spending billions on marketing, stores and logistics.

Link Buddy

  • A tiny wireless GSM voice and data router.
  • Doesn’t require SIM swap or installation
  • Compatible with iPhone, Android and locked phones.
  • Allows to choose your carrier and plan straight from your phone.
  • Lowers phone’s radiation by 99.9%.
  • The perfect tool for best broadband speed, coverage, and service without roaming local rates.